I do not show up in the online directory. Why?
Many employees such as adjunct faculty become inactive during non-teaching times — usually Summer or Winter sessions — and are reactivated when they begin teaching again. When you are inactive you fall off the online directory, but when you start teaching again you will automatically be listed.

My last name has changed, but I am not allowed to change it in the directory. How do I change my last name?
The online directory always uses the last name provided by the Human Resources Office. If you have had a legal name change you must notify the Human Resources Office of the change and then it will be automatically updated in the online directory.

My profile strength is low. How can I increase it?
Your profile strength directly relates to searchable information you've provided about yourself in the directory. The more data you add about yourself, the more easily searchable you are. Populate all email address fields, phone numbers and additional information to increase your profile strength.

I would like to use my College portrait as my profile photo. How can I get an electronic version to upload?
Contact the Communications Office to acquire the photo.

I am a secretary and would like to edit directory information for my department or office. How can I do so?
You may already have access to edit your department or office. You can check by logging in to https://directory.cortland.edu/Admin. If you do not have access, please send an email request to manage.directory@cortland.edu.

I am a faculty member and would like to include my publications, personal website, degrees, awards, etc. How can I include these on my profile?
You can always include these in the additional information section.

I do not want a certain field to be visible to students, but I don't have an option to change this. Why?
There are some fields such as name, primary department and primary title that are required by the College to be visible to everyone.

How can Emeriti or Retirees edit their directory information?
Emeriti and employees who retired in 2010 or later may log into myRedDragon and navigate to the Faculty/Staff tab. Once there, select the "Edit/Update Your Directory Information" link located under the “About Me” section. Individuals who retired before 2010 will not have access to myRedDragon, since it was introduced after their retirement date. Those individuals should contact Human Resources so their directory entry may be updated manually.

I have a suggestion for improvements to the online directory. Who do I talk to about it?
You can submit any suggestions or feedback on our feedback form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.